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Vision Statement:

Real Talk of Colorado offers an open, encouraging, and compassionate environment which allows our guests to discuss their real life issues. Our viewers also benefit as our guest share their stories of triumphs, achievements, trials and tribulations.

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  • Watik interviews at: 100 Men Who Cook
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  • In the Studio

Mission Statement:

It is our desire to reassure our guests and viewers that everyone has a story to tell and to never feel as if their worth is meaningless. We want everyone to know the importance of each individuals story. Here at Real Talk of Colorado we believe that each story is very powerful and significant. It is OK to be yourself at any given point in time.

  • Watik interviews at: 100 Men Who Cook
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  • Lakeshia & Joel Hodge at the 100 Men Who Cook Black Tie Event 2015
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  • Idenity Theft
  • Coping with Dialysis
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  • Lil But Bad

Purpose Statement:

My purpose for Real Talk of Colorado is to provide a comfortable environment for guest(s) to share their personal stories, dreams and aspirations. As creator and Executive Producer of Real Talk of Colorado, I desire to be the motivation my guests need to utilize their talents and strive for their goals. My goal for Real Talk of Colorado is to not only motivate my guest(s) to use their natural talents, but also to realize that their personal story has meaning and that may inspire another individual to tell their personal life story by sharing theirs.

Here at Real Talk of Colorado we aspire to eventually obtain our own studio and camera equipment to continue our journey exposing amazing stories and talented people of Colorado. We will continue to work toward inspiring and motivating our guests to use their God-given talents. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want not only my guest(s), but viewers also, to realize that trials and tribulations are nothing but lessons learned and triumphs overcome. Real Talk of Colorado is where people like YOU tell their story.

Creator and Executive Producer,

Margo Smith

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